On another note!

As a musician, Harley believes music bypasses the intellect and goes right to the heart. It enhances the message of faith in a creative, intuitive and imaginative way. When you book him to speak, talk to him about musical possibilities that can be added to enhance your event.

Musical possibilities include:

  • a concert, a worship service, music for masses during a parish mission or
  • a “hands on” workshop for choir members who want to explore ways to enhance liturgical music.

Harley is willing to partner with choir members in your parish or work with youth musicians.

Got other musical ideas? Let’s talk.

Music has always been an integral part of Harley’s life. Harley played drums when he was 14. A few years later he taught himself to play guitar and discovered his love for singing. One highlight of his musical career was an outreach from the the Franciscan University of Steubenville called “Spirit Song”. He travelled with Spirit Song for two years, speaking and singing at Catholic parishes and high schools in the eastern United States. Harley also travelled all over western Canada for two years with the Redemptorist Mission Team. He was responsible for leading music and speaking on various themes during four day parish missions.

Harley has volunteered in parish choirs for over 25 years. He strongly believes in using his musical talent to serve the celebration of the sacred liturgy. He and his wife Filomena have been choir leaders in their home parish, in Coaldale Alberta, for 15 years. Harley taught guitar and drum lessons for 10 years at a music store in Lethbridge, Alberta. He has recently worked with the Horizon School Division in southern Alberta to teach a “Rock Band” class at Vauxhall High School.

Harley writes and records his own music.

He is currently working on producing a CD of his own folk/acoustic style music.

He has also written and recorded some of his own gospel blues style music.

Listen to “I Will Never Leave You”


Listen to the CD here.